Thursday, November 10, 2011

And it goes on and on...

60 casualties in a NATO base attack...but otherwise the country is pacified.  And its a fair bet there were several times that number of attackers. Company sized unit. Its been 10 years already and if the Afghani insurgents(I'm not going to call them Taliban) are emboldened enough to try something that big, because come on - major attack means major retaliation, gunships and bombs will arrive in no time, they are on the rise again. Big time too.
Its an easy guess why the ANA won't be fighting them once/if it ever takes over.   Actually I think most of them would turn their guns on the most hard-line collaborators. They have no reason to do anything else. They don't believe they are being "liberated", but they get to see the money syphoned out from the Karzai's government faster that the rate of UAV attacked weddings and funerals. Works wonders for the esprit de corps.


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