Thursday, December 15, 2011

Saudi woman beheaded for being a witch.

Or at least thats what the Chicago tribune says...  but I really won't put it past the Saudis. I mean they are well...trigger happy isn't the word - choppy happy, with bits and pieces and human appendages flying around. According to the same article that has happened regularly too, even to foreign nationals. If anyone wonders what a sharia law state looks like, because we've been scared that a lot of these will emerge unless certain wars were/are/will be fought look no further - Saudi Arabia the valiant ally of the US of A, the promoter and main organiser of the above mentioned wars is a textbook example. Thank god we live in the progressive 21st century!

And before I forget.      "A Witch!A witch! We found a witch! Burn her! Burn her!She turned me into a newt! I got better though..."


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